Japan Typhoon Relief

The World Helpline announces assistance in connection with Typhoon Hagibis.

Operating since 1951, The World Helpline, is responding in its 94th disaster response to the worst typhoon – hurricane – in 61 years hit Japan combined with a 5.7 earthquake resulting in terrible destruction.

Over 800,000 homes have been evacuated seven have lost their lives and 31 are still missing and 80 injured.

6 million have received evacuation orders and 270,000 homes are without electricity.

Hurricane Hagbis, the worst to hit since 1958 when 1,200 people lost their lives wreaked havoc over Japan.

In the middle of the

Massive damage through the country, in particular the same area that was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

Urgently needed are rice, canned and instant food, water, sleeping bags, shovels, bottled water, shampoo, soap, towels and airline miles for volunteers to come and help.

The need is urgent – the worst typhoon/hurricane in 61 years!

Whatever you can do to help.

The World Helpline is providing shelter, assistance on site and operating Japan’s only 24 hour emergency hotline.

Those able to help can provide to team@jhelp.com or Postal Furikae 00140 264932

Link to project funding: https://buck4good.com/project/japan-typhoon-relief/