Christians Desperate in Iraq and Syria

Cleansing The Middle East Of all Christians – UN Refuses To Help Christians!

Nearly 500,000 Assyrian Christian refugees are living in tents, in freezing, open unfinished buildings, unused schools without food, water and basic needs having been driven from their 2,000 year old Christian villages with nothing but the clothes on their backs by ISIS and other terrorist groups determined to rid the Middle East of all Christians as the United Nations refuses help to Christians!

Please help The World Helpline urgently get food, water, medicine and housing to them today!

II. Practical Assistance

The World Helpline was the first relief convoy to cross the border into newly liberated Iraq in April of 2003 with 20 tons of water, food, medical supplies, 10 satellite telephones and nearly 500 letters from family members and continues to operate on the forefront of need.

All 500 letters were delivered and return letters taken back to senders, and the ten Satellite Telephones distributed to key Assyrian Christian Churches in Iraq which functioned for the initial liberation period as the only functioning telephone and postal service in Iraq, with thousands lining up daily at Churches to make free, three minute calls with the telephone and postal services completely stopped in the country.

III. Today

Today The World Helpline continues to operate on site and urgently needs canned and instant food, water, rice, blankets, tents, heaters, medicine and unused airline miles to enable team members to travel and assist on the ground.

Please help us today!

The need is desperate!

Christians must not be driven out of the Middle East!

Please let us heard from you today with how you can help!

The World Helpline

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