Emergency Operation Yushu

The Japan Emergency Team announces commencement of Operation Yushu to assist with the 7.1 Magnitute Earthquake that struck Yushu, Qinghai Province China.In its 84th Disaster Relief since 1989 the Japan Emergency Team is in need of bottled water, canned and instant food, tents, sleeping bags, rice, used laptop computers and gsm cellphones and unused Airline Mileage for team members. The team is working with local partners to provide on site assistance and is need of supplies.Supplies can be sent to:

Operation Yushu
Box 65
Tokyo, Japan 106-8691

Volunteers able to go onsite are asked to send name, passport information and contact information to www.jhelp.com

Donations can be made at www.jhelp.com or Postal Furikae 00140 2 64932