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World Helpline

The World Helpline is the only 24-hour toll-free emergency assistance serviceoperated globally on a non-profit basis.

The World Helpline is active in 120 countries and is facilitated by The World Helpline Card a plastic card the size of a credit card, which fits neatly inside your wallet and lists the emergency numbers of the most commonly used places worldwide.

Those who use The World Helpline are guaranteed to reach a volunteer who speaks both English and Japanese.

The World Helpline will first attempt to solve problems over the phone. When this is not possible, our network, which stretches across the globe, begins to move, and the closest World Helpline Member will go to the caller’s location and assist in whatever way needed.

The World Helpline is always looking for volunteers throughout the world willing to be called upon in emergencies. Although we do not ask volunteers to receive telephone calls, we are trying to build our network in the case of direct local assistance in extreme situations.

Your contact numbers will be confidential, and all assistance will be arranged through The World Helpline.

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