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The Japan Emergency Team Appeal

The Japan Emergency Team, Japan`s only non-government related disaster relief team in its 73rd disaster mission since its founding in 1987 has been working in Ojiya in Niigata since after the earthquake and is urgently in need of assistance.

The team operates Japan`s only Disaster Relief Vehicle - a 32 foot emergency motorhome that goes to disaster and provides food, medical assistance, drinks, showers and other emergency help.

Preparing to go to a disaster the team found out a disaster in own - a major engine and systems failure has prevented the Disaster Relief Vehicle from being taken to Ojiya to assist as usual on site.

Due to the specialized nature of the vehicle the cost to repair or replace is estimated at 2.8 Million Yen or more. .

As a non-profit organization dependent 100% on the community the team is urgently requesting assistance from the International Community.

The Disaster Relief Vehicle which is normally on standee for a disaster in the Tokyo area is assisted previously in the disaster at Usuzan in Hokkaido and other places.

Those able to assist are asked to send a donation to Postal Furikae 00140 2 64932 or call 03 5780 1111 or email

In addition the team is urgently requesting Tents, Sleeping Bags, Camping Supplies, Rice, Canned and Instant Food, Bottled Water to be sent to;

The Japan Emergency Team, Box 65, Azabu, Tokyo, Japan 106-8691 A 1,000 bill is asked to be put in each box to cover shipping. Please reply to

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