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Getting An Aids Test in Japan

The least expensive and most confidential way to get an Aids test is to go to your local Public Health Clinic (Hokenjo). They are located in every neighborhood and urban area throughout Japan. If you are unsure about where the closet hokenjo is to you, call your ward office or simply ask your train station or local police box where you can find it.

The term for blood test in Japanese is "ketsueki kensa", and Aids test is "Aizu no testo". The test costs \2,000 and in theory is confidential揺owever some health centers have been asking foreigners for names or alien registration cards. Thus, it is very important NOT to give your name or any personal information about yourself. The system is based on receiving an assigned number and you can call in and give your number for the results.

If you have any problems at the hokenjo, walk to a pay phone and call The Aids Hotline. The Aids Hotline will call the hokenjo and remind them of YOUR RIGHTS!

AIDS Treatment Centers in Japan

To communicate with the AIDS Hotline, call 0120-46-1995
To receive a copy of regular updates on AIDS treatment, information or to serve as an AIDS Hotline volunteer, please fax, email
to the AIDS Hotline.


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